Get Your Olympic Gold Medal Mindset

Elite performance coach Paul Burden spells out three crucial psychological steps to smash through performance barriers to develop your peak performance mindset and be the best you can be…Okay okay!… I know the medals in the pic above look like a couple of chocolate hobnobs wrapped in gold foil. And in fairness, when I was […]

Making British History – Samantha Cook Quadruple Gold Medalist

Massive Congratulations to Samantha Cook on her success at the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu British National 2015 Championships. Sams focus, self-discipline and determination helped her to beat the competition in two different disciplines in both of 2 different weight categories, winning an outstanding medal haul of Four Gold Medals – an extraordinary achievement by any measure. [box style=”gray”] “Hi […]

Excited and Inspired – A Life Changing Shift in Horizons

Excited and Inspired – A Life Changing Shift in Horizons I’m excited and inspired:- Excited because I was recently asked to get involved with a programme that resonated so powerfully with a transformational experience I had in my teens that I felt compelled to contribute. This transformational experience expanded my horizons about what was possible […]

What Makes Olympic Star Jenny Jones A Model Of Excellence?

BRISTOL snowboard champion Jenny Jones has become the first Brit to win a medal in the Winter Olympics. The 33-year-old bronze medal winner has made history and been dubbed the British Snow Queen. Each time I’ve met Jenny, whether it’s in the snowboard camps of the French Alps, or in our shared home town of […]

Fear of Failure and Giving a TED Talk

Paul Burden TED Talk The Genius Beyond Failure

What makes anyone want to stand up in front of an audience and talk about their own fear of failure? To me the whole idea of doing such a thing seemed daunting and unneccesary – until recently… Working as a Performance Coach I assist professionals to aim high and develop the strategies and self-belief to […]

I Have a Dream

Inspired Action Martin Luthor King

Thanks to Richard Branson for the inspiration – Today is the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy. People all over the world are marking his historic speech by sharing our own dreams for the future… You can read mine below: “I have a dream that the eyes of […]

Naked Truth v Wishful Thinking

Treatment for symptoms of anxiety

Do you ever find yourself letting wishful thinking distort your perceptions? Some people will tell you that you should focus on how you want things to be and act as if you are already there. Indeed that is the essence of many goal setting processes. There’s certainly power in that kind of thinking, but there’s […]

Making PTSD a Thing of the Past

PTSD Treatment - Thank You Card

After another amazing 3 days working with veterans with PTSD for charity, I’m again filled with admiration for anyone who has the self-awareness to own up to their problems and take 100% responsibility for becoming the person they want to be – at whatever level that may be. The symptoms of PTSD can include the […]

Why Inconsistent Motivation Always Leads to Inconsistent Results

Inconsistent Motivation Performance Curve

If you’ve ever experienced the boom and bust of inconsistent performance then you’ll know how frustrating it can be. The source of inconsistent performance is always in inconsistent motivation, Inconsistent Motivation – The Most Common Cause of Failure It might seem obvious that motivation drives us away from pain and towards pleasure. The typical cause of inconsistent […]