I Have a Dream

Thanks to Richard Branson for the inspiration – Today is the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy. People all over the world are marking his historic speech by sharing our own dreams for the future…

You can read mine below:

“I have a dream that the eyes of the world will be opened to the true nature of our emotions, beliefs and motives, that we can navigate these with ease to relate positively to ourselves and others and to create success in those things that matter most to each of us.”

Ok so it’s a big dream, but if you don’t dream big you’ll only ever achieve small things. I asked Richard Branson what inspired action he was taking to bring his dream to life. For me, through my work as a Performance Coach I sometimes feel I’m changing the world one person at a time. Maybe it’s time for me to dig deep, connect to my greatest source of inspiration and holding on to my courage take inspired action to bring my dream to life!

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By Paul Burden – Performance Coach & Director at PerformWell

Paul Burden Dream Snowboarding