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Entrepreneur Skills to Grow Your Business and Lead Your Team

The ability to get stuff done and lead others effectively requires a broad set of skills. You will already know that one of the most important entrepreneur skills is finding and making best use of resources....

Below you'll find quick links to PerformWell's entrepreneur skills development resources, plus access to skills to compliment those you already have.

Dive in to discover how you can cut to the chase on growing your business, leading your team and being the best you can be in work and beyond.

Recommended Entrepreneur Skills Development Resources

1-1 Entrepreneur Coaching Programmes

Rapid upgrade for your entrepreneur skills and mindset to solve critical problems, elevate leadership effectiveness and maximise business performance. Make the leap to create the business and lifestyle you aspire to.

The Entrepreneurs Lunch Club

Connect with a handpicked, diverse group of dynamic entrepreneurs and get inspired by entrepreneurial speakers. Experienced, insightful and supportive. There's no other entrepreneur peer group like this.

Business Performance Consulting & Workshops

Take your business to the next level, with our business performance consulting and workshops. One less thing on your to do list, leaving you free to play to your strengths and make real progress....  

  • Business DNA – Nail your business purpose, vision, mission, values & movement so you can progress with clarity
  • Culture Change - The practical implementation of culture change. Establishing new norms of behaviour, upgrade quality of relationships and teamwork
  • People Performance Framework - Bringing it all together to enable your people to perform at their best and thrive.
  • Business Performance Troubleshooting - Identify and eliminate challenging performance issues through objective, expert-led structured diagnostics. 
  • Strategic Planning - Business goals, strategy, implementation plans and troubleshooting
  • Time and Task Management - Practical strategies for you and your team to manage time and workload without feeling over-worked or overwhelmed
  • Other on request

How to become the entrepreneur you aspire to be

You've come this far, so you already know there's more to entrepreneurial success than just a plan and skills. 

Your business is a reflection of your personal vision, values and identity. Your strengths are your business' strengths. But, whatever holds you back also holds your business back.

My mission as an entrepreneur coach is to help you discover how to quickly unlock your entrepreneurial potential and make the leap to create the business and lifestyle you aspire to.

Paul Burden PerformWell Coaching Services

Paul Burden

Entrepreneur Coach & Trainer

Entrepreneur Skills - The Pathway to Success in Business and Beyond


Working with Paul has been transformational. In business we are seeing significant success due to Paul’s techniques and on a personal level I am living a much more balanced, fulfilling and enjoyable life.

“I feel I have clarity on what I want to achieve and a process to achieve my goals. I feel lucky to have worked with Paul in my early 30’s as I hope to have many years ahead of me to succeed in ever growing goals I set myself. Thanks Paul."

David Telford – Co Founder at Koan Ltd