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PerformWell offers expert performance coaching for professionals in sport and business wanting better professional performance, less stress and more success.

Our clients come from across the UK and internationally. They all have in common the desire to be the best they can be, and the willingness to take action to make it happen.

PerformWell is the performance coaching practice of Paul Burden MSc, who specialises in coaching and therapies for personal performance.​

We provide a results-orientated approach and where appropriate offer guaranteed outcomes.
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About Paul Burden MSc

Paul Burden Performance Coach

With 20 years experience in coaching, Paul’s passion is assisting others to overcome personal challenges and create success in that which is most important to them.

His passion began while teaching the traditional Japanese martial art of jiu-jitsu and during his corporate career building partnerships and alliances. His fascination was stimulated by questions like:

  • Why do some people who have all the skills and knowledge go to pieces under pressure?
  • And why do others who’ve previously shown little potential, magically excel when the going gets tough?
  • Why do some people stop enjoying their work and suffer from personal crises such as excessive stress, anxiety, burnout, depression, or chronic fatigue.
  • And how do others consistently succeed in everything they set their mind to?

He offers extensive experience ranging from enabling seasoned professionals to perform at their best and reach new heights, to providing rapid recovery from severe anxiety and stress related disorders.

His experience and passion for making a difference is backed up by training with masters in the fields of coaching, therapy and personal development. He also draws on his personal experience of competing in jiu-jitsu at top national level and operating at board level of multi-national corporates.

What to expect from a PerformWell coaching programme

Duration, interval and overall approach are discussed in the initial session and depend on your specific requirements. We will typically start by getting a new level of clarity on where you are now, where you want to get to and developing a plan to get there. 

During the sessions you are guided to explore the processes of thinking and feeling that drive experience and behaviour and to make the changes needed to achieve your outcomes.

Confidentiality, trust and openness are cornerstones of the coaching process. All personal information is received in the spirit of working together to achieve the best results and treated in confidence.

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