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Being an athlete or entrepreneur isn’t the easiest career choice. There are many challenges to overcome and the responsibility to deliver sits squarely on your shoulders... But... you’ve already come a long way and you know that with the right support, the bright future you are striving for is ever closer....

Hello and welcome! 

Paul Burden PerformWell Coaching Services

Paul Burden - Founder of PerformWell

I'm Paul Burden, founder of PerformWell. You can read my personal bio down below - but first let's chat about how PerformWell can help you...

In essence, we provide coaching, consulting, workshops and community for entrepreneurs and athletes.

PerformWell is your source for help with:

  • Supercharging your progress, whether that's scaling your business or climbing the rankings in your sport
  • Getting the best out of yourself, your team (and even managing that challenging but unavoidable relationship!)
  • Troubleshooting and making critical decisions when things don't go to plan (or worse!) so you recover quickly and stay on track
  • Building resilience and a balance that's right for you ahead of major challenges and regaining prime mental health when it all get's too much
  • Leading confidently as you step up to play a bigger game, without feeling like an imposter - or losing your soul.

You’ve committed to be the best you can be. You know you have the potential to achieve more and sacrifice less. And you are here. Together, this can only mean the time is ripe for you to make the leap, so this bright future becomes your exciting reality....

And that’s what PerformWell is all about....

Who is Paul Burden and other FAQs

I help entrepreneurs and pro athletes perform at their best, so they can deliver the results they aspire to with confidence.

Results driven, I aim to be world-class in what I do and love helping others with big aspirations and challenges. I've been coaching for 30+ years and specialise in high performance in both business and sport.

My expertise ranges from designing and implementing high level success strategies, through to troubleshooting individual and team performance and handling the extreme stress, anxiety, burnout and other mental health conditions that can go with this territory.

Paul Burden Performance Coach for Entrepreneurs and Athletes

Who do I work with?

I work with individual pursuit pro athletes and SME business owners who want to find out what they are really capable of. 

More important than the specific industry, sport, or the level they currently operate at, is the level of change they are committed to make and the size of their aspirations.


Amongst other things, I help them to:

  • Deliver the measurable results that show real progress and inspire confidence
  • Gain the missing insights, clarity and focus that enable them to get the important stuff done well
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with others
  • Enjoy getting more done, whilst eliminating burnout and overwhelm
  • Build resilience so they no longer suffer overwhelming anxiety, fear, regret, anger, guilt, stress or painful losses
  • Overcome their biggest challenges by approaching problems differently
  • Create a bigger future and goal roadmap to get there, all whilst staying grounded, pragmatic and connected to the people who matter
  • Perform at their best, so they can consistently achieve their goals without losing balance
  • Discover who they really are, how to play to their strengths and eliminate weaknesses
  • Become who they aspire to be, so they can be truly authentic and stop holding themselves back

Whatever the aspiration or challenge, together we build a strategy to enable their best self to come to the fore, so they can thrive as they step up, achieve big and become who they are meant to be.

Why do I work with pro athletes and entrepreneurs?

My 16 year corporate career majored on enabling tech business owners and their board to grow their business. I particular enjoyed developing business growth strategies and troubleshooting implementation challenges. Central to this, I realised that mindset was a dominant factor in entrepreneurial success. 

That career was inspired by watching my parents build a business to create a brighter future for their young family. As I grew up, I shared in their successes, felt the pain in their failures and witnessed the conflicts that business can cause. I still feel connected to this experience today and it fuels my focus on enabling entrepreneurs to grow their business and be the best they can be - in work and beyond.

In parallel to my business career, I became British Champion in jiu-jitsu and developed thousands of students over 25 years, including 9 years leading the black belt development programme of an international organisation.

It takes more than just technique and fitness to become a black belt, or indeed a world class athlete in any sport. I know intimately the importance of a strong sense of purpose and the ability to perform under pressure, as well as finding fun and enjoyment even in challenging situations.

Paul Burden Coach Portrait

Photo credit Hugh Burden Photographer 

How did I become a performance coach?

At an early stage I became intrigued by the overlap in my parallel careers. Whether it’s competing at the Olympics or a critical presentation to investors, our success strategies and unconscious psychology have a profound effect on our ability to learn, adapt and put skills into practice.

In reality the performance gremlins holding back pro athletes are often the same mental and emotional patterns that limit ambitious business leaders.

Supplementing my professional development with independent training with masters in the field of coaching, performance psychology, personal development and leadership, I founded PerformWell in 2009.

Since then my clients have included VPs of global brands, ambitious SME business owners, media celebrities, Ryder Cup golfers, Grand Prix drivers, Olympians, as well as many young athletes and entrepreneurs who are early in their career.

Outside of work, I’m super keen on fitness training, surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking and nurturing my young family.

Paul Burden Performance Coach PerformWell Coaching