Excited and Inspired – A Life Changing Shift in Horizons

Excited and Inspired – A Life Changing Shift in Horizons

I’m excited and inspired:- Excited because I was recently asked to get involved with a programme that resonated so powerfully with a transformational experience I had in my teens that I felt compelled to contribute.

This transformational experience expanded my horizons about what was possible for me and my self-belief with it. It set me on a course that I couldn’t predict at the time that was literally life changing.

I’m inspired by the group of people who have come together to contribute to the innovative Bristol Leadership Programme, ranging from coaches and barristers to CEOs of public sector and private companies. I’m also inspired by the talent and potential of the programmes delegates.

For me at the age of 13, I was beginning to go off the rails at school. My parents made the difficult financial decision to move home, to be in the catchment area for one of the better schools in the city. Although I rebelled against the change at the time, looking back it had a remarkable effect.

One of the key differences was the career aspirations and expectations of my peer groups. Even at this early age my new friends were focussed on becoming doctors, bankers, designers and other types of professionals. As I struggled to fit in I became aware of a challenging shift in horizons about what was possible for me. I was struck by the dawning realisation that if I didn’t change my aspirations my low expectations would define my future.

I began to realise (with plenty of parental encouragement) that if I was to reach my potential I needed to set my sights on higher aspirations and give myself a reason to start investing in myself. As a result my motivation for learning flipped from getting away with doing the minimum, to excelling at what was important. This transformational experience laid the foundations for my career as a Performance Coach creating transformational experiences for other professionals, for which I am extremely grateful.

There are many talented young adults who are high achievers despite growing up in a lower socio-economic environment. The aim of the Bristol Leadership Programme (BLP) is to create a life changing shift in their horizons, further unlocking their potential to support them in becoming the kind of leaders needed in Bristol, the UK and internationally. Truly exciting and inspiring.

I am delighted to be able to contribute to this important initiative and grateful to Marvin Rees (BLP Founder) for asking me to be involved. And even though at the time I protested like a true teenager, I am eternally grateful to my parents for their investment in my future.


You can learn more about The Bristol Leadership Programme and get involved at www.theblp.org.uk

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