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Athlete Performance Framework

Sport Psychology and Performance Strategies for Professional and Aspiring Athletes

Sports Psychology and Performance Strategies for Individual Pursuit Athletes

It takes a special kind of athlete to rise to the top in individual pursuit sports. You stand on your own two feet, without the infrastructure of mainstream team sports. You manage your own time and ultimately succeed or fail by your performance alone. That takes huge determination and courage....

You've done well. You've shown you've got guts. You're willing to do whatever it takes. But it's not just about effort. That you already know. Over-reliance on effort is a limited strategy. It leads to frustrations, disappointments, injuries and burnout. You're smarter than that.

For your climb to the top, you know you need new ways to improve faster than your competitors. How can you accelerate your progress? How can you get more consistent? How can you perform under pressure when it matters most? And how do you balance this burning desire to be the best you can be, with enjoying life as a whole? 

It's about both winning and loving the journey.... And that's why you are here.

The Athlete Performance Framework

High Performance Framework for Athletes Sports Psychology

The window of opportunity in pro sport is short. You've made good progress on your technical skills and physicality. Now you recognise it's your sports psychology and strategies - your inner game that governs not just what you do, but how you do it.

This is the key that unlocks your magic and opens exciting possibilities for you....

That's what the Athlete Performance Framework is about.

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Coaching Programmes - Sports Psychology and Success Strategies

TEDx Paul Burden Sport Psychology RHS

 Paul Burden MSc

 Performance Psychologist & Coach

You've read countless blog posts, magazines, books and motivational quotes about mindset, sports psychology, positive psychology, etc. You've watched interviews by your heroes and high profile experts. You've listened to podcasts and well meaning advice from friends, family, peers and others.  

Some of that has helped you start to think differently. Maybe it's opened your eyes to the vast field of performance strategy and sports psychology and the game-changing benefits to be gained. 

But how do you sort through the endless streams of often contradictory and confusing information? In the ultra-competitive world of pro sport, it's a race against time to unlock your potential and get ahead. 

 How will you start making step changes in performance NOW?

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Sport Success – Chris Wood – Ryder Cup and European Tour Pro Golfer

“I’ve worked with several ‘psychologists’ since i was around 14 years old but have never come across anyone like Paul. I will admit I was sceptical when I was first told about some of the things that might come up, but now I can say it has been one of the best additions to my support team I’ve ever made.

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