How to Sell Your Business and Survive the Emotional Rollercoaster

Handling the emotions of selling your business can be surprisingly trickyHandling the emotions of selling your business can be surprisingly tricky for most entrepreneurs. Of course, a sale can be incredibly lucrative, but it can be at a hefty price. With the right team and a willing buyer, the numerous technical issues during the selling […]

How to Develop Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurial Spirit

If we crack the answer to this question, who knows where it can take us? The potential is huge. It opens up multiple possibilities, stimulating new entrepreneurs and revitalising those with their journey already underway, allowing them to become the entrepreneur they aspire to be. Ian Workman, MD of SME Business Banking at Barclays Bank […]

How to Find Your Purpose in Times of Change

Finding Your Purpose in Times of Change

For many people, right now is the time to reinvent, reinvigorate or perhaps find their purpose. To stimulate your thinking, here’s a time when I needed to find my purpose to keep going…  After more than a decade of being fanatical about teaching jiu-jitsu, I confess I was feeling a bit flat. Uninspired. Maybe even […]

How to Manage Emotions in a Crisis

Manage Emotions in a Crisis 1920x1079

Prevent emotions spiralling out of control with this simple risk management strategy. Emotions Spiral Out of Control in Unfamiliar Territory Spiralling emotions wreck concentration, decision making, sleep and performance. In any crisis, it’s vital to manage emotions well, so you can think clearly and navigate through the dangers.  Few of us are well-practised in managing risks […]

The Key to Stop Overthinking

Autopilot On Have you ever found yourself needing to stop overthinking but struggling to get clarity? You know you need to make a decision and start taking action, but which way to go? Our emotions act like the autopilot on a plane and yet when we are feeling anxious or stressed we can often feel a […]

How to Get Help With Anxiety

Help with Anxiety

When a close friend who was really struggling asked for my advice on how to get help with anxiety, I really felt her pain… I’d been through my own struggle with stress and anxiety and even though I don’t work with close friends, I wanted to do everything I could to help her…As a busy executive […]

You Are More Skilful than Anxiety Lets You Show

Anxious Thinking

You’re a pretty smart cookie. There have been a few ups and downs, but overall you’ve done well in your career so far. You’ve applied yourself diligently. You’re well trained and experienced in the core skills needed for your success… BUT… You know if you could only beat the anxiety that hampers your decision making […]

Simple Anxiety Test for High Performers

Performance Anxiety Curve 220x220

The simple anxiety test that tells you whether you need to get help Anxiety can be a huge performance killer. In fact, it’s often a primary cause of career stagnation and of ambitious professionals failing to reach their potential. So people often ask me if I offer an online anxiety test and until now I’ve […]

Is it Possible to Overcome Anxiety?

Carrie-Ellison-Treatment for anxiety

One of the common challenges I hear from forward-thinking professionals looking to reach their potential is how to overcome anxiety and other emotions that get in the way of doing what’s needed to perform well. PerformWell client Carrie Ellison tells of her extraordinary experience of doing what it takes to overcome anxiety: I approached Paul in […]

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