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Golf Success – Chris Wood – Ryder Cup and European Tour Pro Golfer

Chris Wood Golf  Psychology Psychologist

“I’ve worked with several ‘psychologists’ since I was around 14 years old but have never come across anyone like Paul. I will admit I was sceptical when I was first told about some of the things that might come up, but now I can say it has been one of the best additions to my support team I’ve ever made.

Whether a tour player or an aspiring top amateur, you know that when you’re at your very best, you’re capable of achieving great things…

You know, that when you’re in the zone where your mind is free and your swing ‘just happens’, you can go seriously low, low enough to make golf a very successful career.

But tapping in to that consistently is the only thing getting in the way of a dream career and life.

It’s not news to you that golf is a predominantly mental game, I think Jack Nicklaus nailed it with “golf is 80% mental, 10% ability and 10% luck”

You know you have the ability, you’ve shown it, the luck is what it is, but the mental side of things is what separates the talented, from the winners.

What exactly happens when the wheels start to come off, why does it happen, why do you start overthinking the stuff you’ve ‘just done’ for the last 14 holes that served you well enough to put you in contention?

It happens to everyone, even the very best in the world - just think about Jordan Spieth on the 12th at the Masters in 2016. 

The difference is, the guys and girls who make a great living on tour, have the tools and techniques to conquer the mental side of the game 99% of the time. 

No one is perfect of course.

There are probably just three questions top golfers constantly ask themselves:

  • 1
    How can I be technically better?
  • 2
    How can I be in better physical condition to withstand all the time required to be truly great?
  • 3
    How can I play well when it counts and consistently perform at my best?

You know, that if you have these three nailed, the sky is the limit for you and your golfing career.


You only have to look at the likes of Jim Furyk and Bryson DeChambeau to know that what is deemed the ‘perfect’ technique is not actually necessary to become a world beater.

And whilst yes, there is an element of fitness absolutely required for any top golfer, you only have to look at Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnson and Kiradech Aphibarnrat to realise that too, can only get you so far - they’re certainly not the machine Brooks Koepka is!

But whilst you see a plethora of techniques and athleticism across all the golfers on the European, PGA and LPGA tours, one of the three key things remains a constant across the board…

The ability to perform at the peak of their ability consistently under the highest levels of pressure.

The ability to perform at your best consistently under the highest levels of pressure.

When you’ve been in contention (or your game falls apart when you’ve got a card in your hand) you haven’t suddenly become less fit or developed a chronic swing fault; you just don’t have the mental tools, techniques, strategies and toughness the big boys and girls do.

But this isn’t something you’re born with, it is developed over time, just like your swing and fitness.

So, if you’re serious about a career in golf, or serious about simply getting better results on a more consistent basis, it’s time to supplement some of your range and gym time, with developing your mental toughness - after all, it does account for 80% of the game!

Golf Success Programmes

Who are PerformWell's Golf Success Programmes for?

Each Golf Psychology and Golf Success Programme is tailored to the individual. They are specifically for:

  • Pros wanting to less stress, frustration and anxiety and more balance; those wanting to push to the next level and beyond
  • Aspiring amateurs looking to make the leap to professional, or to achieve a specific goal
  • Agents and golf coaches looking to support their athletes

What's included in the programmes?

No matter what level you get started at, all programmes include:

  • A candid view of where you are now, what's working well and what needs to change
  • Development of your self-belief, confidence, goals and aspirations
  • A robust plan to overcome challenges and achieve your goals
  • Training in the success strategies, principles and psychology needed to make your plan a success
  • Review of your performances, progress towards your goals and fine tuning
  • Each programme is tailored to the requirements of the individual
  • One-one consulting and coaching in person and/or by Skype.

PerformWell's Golf Success Programmes are available at 3 levels:

  • 12 Month Tour Pro
  • 90 Day Golf Success Intensive
  • 8 Week Golf Success Trouble Shooter 

Each provides a results-orientated approach to golf psychology, success strategies and enjoying your game.

To talk about what you want to achieve and which programme is right for you, you can request a Golf Success Intro Call here.

About Paul Burden - Performance Consultant and Psychologist

Paul Burden Performance Coach TEDx

Paul Burden MSc

 Performance Consultant 

Golf Psychology &

Success Strategies

A leading UK based performance consultant, Paul helps professional and aspiring amateur golfers aim high, rise to the challenge, overcome setbacks and be the best they can be. 

With 25 years experience, ranging from helping aspiring amateurs make the leap to professional, through to helping European Tour players win big, earn their place in the Ryder Cup and perform under pressure on the world's biggest golf stage, you know you are in capable hands.

Paul's experience and passion for excellence is underpinned by training with masters in the fields of coaching, performance psychology and personal development. He also draws on his personal experience of competing at top national level in martial arts and working at board level of corporate multi-nationals.

If you'd like to speak with Paul directly about reaching your potential, you can request an introduction here.

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Paul Burden Golf Psychology Golf Psychologist Window

Paul Burden MSc 

Performance Coach & Golf Psychology Specialist

On this introductory call, we'll define what's getting in the way of you achieving your golfing goals and what you need to do to achieve the golf career you dream of....

FAQ - Golf Success Programmes and Golf Psychology

Q: What’s the duration of a Golf Success Programme?

A: We offer programmes from 8 weeks to 12 months. During this time we can discuss your longer term objectives and what will work best for you. In urgent cases we might agree to accelerate the whole process. The pace and duration will depend on your circumstances and what will help you most.

Q: What sort of results can I expect?

A: Again it depends on you. In the past programme objectives have ranged from making the leap to full-time professional, through to climbing the world rankings, winning specific European Tour Events and earning a place in the Ryder Cup. Also addressing performance anxiety, specific psychological issues with golf swings, accuracy, resolving patterns of frustration, anxiety and other stresses, regaining passion and enjoyment and more. Our golf psychology and success programmes are results orientated and I will let you know if what you are asking for is to big or too small.

Q: I've been feeling stuck and been going around in circles. What's the best way to start coaching?

A: If you are ready to get going and just want to clarify the details,  you can request a free introductory phone call using the Request Golf Success Call button on this page. We'll talk about what you want to achieve and how I can help, so we can make sure we are taking the right approach for you before booking sessions in our diaries.

Q: I'm not sure if golf psychology and coaching is for me. How do I decide?

A: Firstly consider what you want to achieve from working with me. You don't have to have total clarity on this. In fact it's often one of the first things we talk through, so you can just bring your ideas and I'll help with the rest. These ideas could be expressed as something you want to achieve, or something you want to avoid or be free of. Secondly, for any coaching to be effective you must be willing to talk about what you want to achieve and take action to make it happen. If you are okay with this, then we'll make good progress. Use the Request Golf Success Call button to schedule time for us to speak and we can cover this more fully by phone.

Q: What happens if I feel blocked or unable to deal with something that has happened in the past?

A: How we perform in the present is often dictated by our past - but it doesn't have to be. The effect of past experiences can be changed to accelerate learning and personal growth, leading to tremendous performance gains in terms of both enjoyment and measurable results.

Q: I want to pull out all the stops and achieve big. Is this something PerformWell can help with?

A: Yes. During my time as a coach I have helped sports professionals step up and develop the psychology needed to win major tournaments on the world stage, break world records and re-discover the fun and enjoyment in their sport. But it's not just about achievement at the top level. It's immensely rewarding to help young athletes confidently step up to their first national level competition and aspiring amateurs make the leap to going pro. I love to help and get immense satisfaction from seeing people succeed where it matters most to them.

Q: I want to get a taste for your coaching before committing myself fully. Is this possible?

A: Yes... and no… If you want to experience the real benefit of being coached you must commit yourself fully to the process. That doesn't mean blindly following instructions. It does mean committing to being fully engaged and seeing the process through to a successful conclusion.

A quick and easy way to get going is to start with the free intro call.

Q: Who do you NOT work with?

A: I love to help people who want to get on, are willing to do what it takes to make progress and support others when they can. I don't work with the bone idle, or those who make excuses and blame others for their performance. It my passion to see professionals who are ready to take responsibility, take the leap, up their game and reach their potential.

Q: What is the price for a Golf Success Programme?

A: Prices depend on your circumstances and what's needed to help you make progress. Before getting started we can speak on the phone and talk through which programme is most appropriate for you and the corresponding price.

Q: How Do I Get Started?

A: You can request an introduction to Paul Burden using the button below and arrange a time to speak. You’ll discuss where you are now and what you want to achieve. Together we’ll decide the appropriate next step and get going straight away:

Request Your Free Golf Success Call

Paul Burden Golf Psychology Golf Psychologist Window

Paul Burden MSc 

Performance Coach & Golf Psychology Specialist

On this introductory call, we'll define what's getting in the way of you achieving your golfing goals and what you need to do to achieve the golf career you dream of....

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