Golf Success – Chris Wood – Ryder Cup and European Tour Pro Golfer

Chris Wood Golf  Psychology Psychologist

“I’ve worked with several ‘psychologists’ since I was around 14 years old but have never come across anyone like Paul. I will admit I was sceptical when I was first told about some of the things that might come up, but now I can say it has been one of the best additions to my support team I’ve ever made.

​Whether a tour player or an aspiring top amateur, you know that when you’re at your very best, you’re capable of achieving great things…

When you’re in the zone where your mind is free, your focus and concentration cannot be broken and your swing ‘just happens’, you can go seriously low, low enough to make golf a very successful career.

But tapping in to that level of focus consistently, is the only thing getting in the way of your dream career and life.

It’s not news to you that golf is a predominantly mental game, golf psychology is huge on tour, and for good reason!

I think Jack Nicklaus said it best with “golf is 80% mental, 10% ability and 10% luck”

You know you have the ability, you’ve shown it, the luck is what it is, but the golf mindset is what separates the talented, from the winners.

What exactly happens when the nerves go, anxiety sets in and the wheels start to come off?

Why does it happen and why do you start overthinking the stuff you’ve ‘just done’ for the last 14 holes that served you well enough to put you in contention?

But nerves getting the better of you, actually happens to everyone, even the very best in the world - just think about Jordan Spieth on the 12th at the Masters in 2016.

The difference is, the guys and girls who make a great living on tour, have the tools, techniques and confidence to conquer the mental side of the game 99% of the time.

No one is perfect of course.

There are probably just three questions top golfers constantly ask themselves:

  • 1
    How can I be technically better?
  • 2
    How can I be in better physical condition to withstand all the time required to be truly great?
  • 3
    How can I play well when it counts and consistently perform at my best?

You know, that if you have these three nailed, the sky is the limit for you and your golfing career.


You only have to look at the likes of Jim Furyk and Bryson DeChambeau to know that what is deemed the ‘perfect’ technique is not actually necessary to become a world beater.

And whilst yes, there is an element of fitness absolutely required for any top golfer, you only have to look at Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnson and Kiradech Aphibarnrat to realise that too, can only get you so far - they’re certainly not the machine Brooks Koepka is!

But whilst you see a plethora of techniques and athleticism across all the golfers on the European, PGA and LPGA tours, one of the three key things remains a constant across the board…

The ability to perform at the peak of their ability consistently and confidently under the highest levels of pressure.

The ability to perform at the peak of their ability consistently and confidently under the highest levels of pressure.

When you’ve been in contention (or your game falls apart when you’ve got a card in your hand) you haven’t suddenly become less fit or developed a chronic swing fault; you just don’t have the mental tools, techniques, strategies, toughness and golfing mindset the big boys and girls do.

But this isn’t something you’re born with, it is developed over time, just like your swing and fitness.

So, if you’re serious about a career in golf, or serious about getting better results on a more consistent basis, it’s time to supplement some of your range and gym time, with developing your mental toughness and putting some time in to golf psychology - after all, it does account for 80% of the game!