You Are More Skilful than Anxiety Lets You Show

Anxious Thinking

You’re a pretty smart cookie. There have been a few ups and downs, but overall you’ve done well in your career so far. You’ve applied yourself diligently. You’re well trained and experienced in the core skills needed for your success… BUT… You know if you could only beat the anxiety that hampers your decision making […]

Simple Anxiety Test for High Performers

Performance Anxiety Curve 220x220

The simple anxiety test that tells you whether you need to get help Anxiety can be a huge performance killer. In fact, it’s often a primary cause of career stagnation and of ambitious professionals failing to reach their potential. So people often ask me if I offer an online anxiety test and until now I’ve […]

Is it Possible to Overcome Anxiety?

Carrie-Ellison-Treatment for anxiety

One of the common challenges I hear from forward-thinking professionals looking to reach their potential is how to overcome anxiety and other emotions that get in the way of doing what’s needed to perform well. PerformWell client Carrie Ellison tells of her extraordinary experience of doing what it takes to overcome anxiety: I approached Paul in […]

The Power of Intent

The Power of Intent

In my last blog, I promised to share a super-powerful model for quickly understanding why athletes (and entrepreneurs) sometimes struggle to perform at their best (and how to use this model to shift up the gears and get in the flow).Total Commitment Like me, I’m guessing you know what it’s like when you need to […]

Rule #1 – Set Massively Compelling Goals

Golden Rule 1 Set Massively Compelling Goals

Whether it’s winning a major golfing championship or winning a game-changing business pitch, it goes without saying that the more compelling a goal is, the easier it is to take action to make it happen. In fact, make the goal compelling enough and taking consistent action will be a foregone conclusion! The trouble is, many people […]

A Proven Way to Overcome Stress, Anxiety, Fear and Overwhelm in Sport

I recently surveyed my community and asked: “what is the number 1 thing that would maximise your sports performance?” Can you guess the answer? A way to overcome feelings such as stress, anxiety, fear and overwhelm.All of these states are made up of 3 pieces: Thought, Physiology and Focus.With this information you can change any ‘negative’ […]

How to Perform Under Pressure in Sport

Everyone has to deal with pressure but for professional athletes, how you perform under pressure can make or break of your career.Some people get sweaty palms, shortness of breath, over-thinking, palpitations etc. We all know what it’s like when a potentially career defining moment presents itself.The key is how you deal with that pressure. Did […]

The Ultimate Guide To Sports Motivation

Sports motivation – It’s not just about how much action you take. It’s also about doing the right thing at the right time. Here’s the universal experience:There are times when you feel unstoppable, your motivation in sport at an all time high, powering you through to new physical, mental and emotional highs. You’re in a […]

Muhammad Ali – Inspiration in Action

​Social media is filled with the sad news of the passing of the great boxing legend Muhammad Ali. As a 7 year old boy I remember seeing him for the first time on TV and being dazzled by his speed and agility in the ring. I was captivated by his fast talking wit, his confidence […]