Is it Possible to Overcome Anxiety?

One of the common challenges I hear from forward-thinking professionals looking to reach their potential is how to overcome anxiety and other emotions that get in the way of doing what's needed to perform well.

PerformWell client Carrie Ellison tells of her extraordinary experience of doing what it takes to overcome anxiety:

Carrie-Ellison-Treatment for anxiety

I approached Paul in December because I had been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks in most social situations since I was in my early teens (I’m now 34). Over the years, my life had become so closed off that I am sure a doctor would have diagnosed me with agoraphobia and a whole number of other disorders. To say i was feeling dead inside is an understatement. My biggest achievements were in finding a reason to continue thought each day to the next. I didn’t see a future, and then one day I hit bottom. This is when I stumbled on Paul’s website.

During the initial sessions, it amazed me how positive Paul was. His approach was so refreshing and I came away feeling excited and very hopeful.

Even after these sessions though, I was still extremely skeptical when Paul told me the results I would achieve in such a short amount of time. I mean, how can someone help me rid 20 years of anxiety in less than 3 months, right?

Even with this lingering skepticism, I looked at the alternative and realised that money meant nothing if I was already giving up on life, so I decided to take the risk: I am so thankful that I did.

As I write this, I have just returned home from my final session with Paul and I can honestly say that I feel transformed. The biggest change is in the anxiety, which I am relieved to say has been completely resolved. Although I still find my mind is trying to catch up to the realisation, I am able to converse without my heart pounding and my face twitching. I can’t express what a relief it is to feel normal again.

Above and beyond the anxiety are the changes that have rolled over into my professional life. With anxiety lingering, I found it impossible to hold down a job for any length of time, so I started dabbling in self employment and trading the Forex markets. While my business and trading had been a success in the early years, the emptiness of my personal life was beginning to interfere with my motivation and I felt limited in my inability to expand the business beyond the internet. I am so pleased that my motivation has now returned to full force as a result of the program. I am now near to completing a degree that I was close to quitting, my business is beginning to blossom once more and my trading consistency has improved far and beyond the levels I had achieved before.

Overall, my zest for life has increased to the point that the days no longer seem long enough. I have much more energy and my fitness has improved as a result. The best thing about all this is that this is only the beginning.

I can’t thank Paul enough for helping me get my life back and I’m actually quite disappointed that the program has come to an end. Never have I met such an encouraging and positive person, and certainly none that have quite literally changed my life.

Carrie Ellison April 2015

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Massive congratulations to Carrie on her achievements and special thanks for sharing her inspirational story about how she decided to take action and overcome anxiety once and for all. Since then Carrie has flourished in her business and also as a fitness model. Wow! That's a turn up for the books!

Here's to your success!

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