Rule #1 – Set Massively Compelling Goals

Whether it’s winning a major golfing championship or winning a game-changing business pitch, it goes without saying that the more compelling a goal is, the easier it is to take action to make it happen. In fact, make the goal compelling enough and taking consistent action will be a foregone conclusion!

The trouble is, many people sell themselves short and fail to set their sights on what they truly want. We juggle too many options or just have loose ideas about what we want to achieve. Mediocre focus leads to mediocre motivation and inefficient use of time and effort.

In western culture we are taught to set goals in a very logical way. However, most of us know what it’s like to use conscious willpower alone to achieve things when your heart isn’t really in it.

Conversely, everyone knows what it’s like when you really, really want something even though you know you shouldn’t. As the conscious effort to try to control yourself weakens and the wonderful feelings that go with imagining having what you really want grows, it doesn’t take much for most people to give up trying to resist and give in to temptation….

That’s because our ability to take action is driven by emotions and other unconscious resources, such as motivation, confidence, enthusiasm and even awareness. The underlying drivers for these unconscious resources are not logical or rational.

When you set goals in such a way as to recruit these powerful internal resources, taking action to achieve your goals becomes easy. So picture having absolute focus on your goals, clearly seeing the decisive action needed to achieve them and consistently being both consciously and unconsciously aligned with achieving that outcome.​


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