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Paul Burden MSc

Sports Psychology and Success Coach

The window of opportunity in pro sport is short. Whether you're a seasoned pro or early in your career, discover how to:
  • Prevent anxiety, self-doubt, disappointment, over-thinking and other performance gremlins sabotaging your game
  • Think clearly and perform with confidence, focus and self-belief, so your skills flow and you grow
  • Get a plan to accelerate your progress and set yourself up to win.

A unique one-to-one approach combining performance coaching, training and specialist psychology, all tailored to you and your specific situation.

Get a plan to take control of your performance and career.

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Hi, I'm Paul Burden - Sport Psychology and Success Coach. Here’s a bit more about me…

For the last 20 years my passion and calling has been helping high performers like you.

Here’s why...

I'm a former British champion in jiu-jitsu and a leading UK performance coach. I've set big goals and stepped out of my comfort zone.

From personal experience, I know the importance of performing at your best... And I know what happens when your psychological performance doesn't match your fitness and technique.

I've trained with masters in the fields of coaching, psychology and personal development. I've tested and honed my approach to the psychological challenge of high performance for athletes.

Working across all sports, I help aspiring amateurs through to seasoned pros. My clients include Olympians, Grand Prix drivers, and Ryder Cup golfers. Without a way to structure their psychology, all athletes (even top-level pros!) hit performance hurdles.

My approach helps sports professionals reach new highs. Personal bests, tournament wins and sporting records are all par for course....

This might include bouncing back from failures or recovering from stress related illness. Professional sport can be stressful and unforgiving, but it doesn't have to be that way.

I'm based Bristol, UK and also use video calls where appropriate. I thrive on working with results focused professionals, who value expert support. Is this you?.... If so I'm here to help.

Speak soon....

Coaching for Anxiety in Sport

 Paul Burden MSc

Performance Coach & Anxiety Specialist

Sport Psychology for Olympian Amanda Lightfoot

“Paul has helped me overcome the things that have been holding me back in my sport by changing my mindset. It’s incredible what he can do....

Amanda Lightfoot 

2-Time Olympian

Sport Psychology Dino Zamparelli

“I’ve worked with Paul several times over several years, and after each session, I feel invigorated, confident, strong and ready to attack....

Dino Zamparelli

Grand Prix Driver

Chris Wood Golf Psychology

"One of the best additions to my support team I’ve ever made... Every time I'm home I want to see Paul... It's so exciting where we are going.... 

Chris Wood

Ryder Cup Golfer

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Get a plan to take control of your performance and career.

Book a complimentary 45-minute Sport Success Call below.

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