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There are times in every leader and executive's career where the presenting opportunity (or crisis) demands the clearest of thinking, untapped resourcefulness and the most trustworthy guidance....

In the relentless pace of business, forward-thinking professionals are always looking for ways to achieve more with less, to find new ways to see through through the chaos and contribute more, all whilst balancing the quest for greater success with the demands and pleasures of home.

In your demanding profession, how will you create the focus, insight, self-belief and resilience needed to unlock your talents and reach your full potential?

Everything you say and do, is determined by your thoughts and feelings. So if you want to make a step change in the results your actions are getting, learning how to command your thoughts and feelings is the place to start....

Leadership and Executive Coaching Vision Achievement Model

Your thoughts give rise to your feelings. Your feelings about your thoughts drive your actions. Your actions determine your results. The whole system feeds back on itself through your senses, causing thoughts and emotions to spiral in either a positive or negative direction. So if you want to up your results and lower your stress, taking command of your thoughts and feelings is the place to start.

It might be easy to grasp the academic understanding of this, but how do you systematically take command of your thinking and feeling to consistently perform at the level you know you are capable of and keep enjoying the thrill of the game?

Executive Success Programmes

Executive Success Programmes offer insight and support to achieve your daily objectives in business, your career more broadly, as well as balance and wellbeing. Looking more deeply than just skills, we will uncover how you operate in response to opportunities, crises and day to day business to create your results, relationships, stresses and rewards in business.

Developing how you unconsciously perceive, process and respond to your business environment unlocks potential, latent skills and other capabilities, thus enabling you to discover new ways to succeed more easily, with less stress and and greater levels of enjoyment and fulfilment.

The performance coaching practice of Paul Burden MSc, PerformWell provides leadership and executive coaching, training, psychology and patterns of successful thinking (collectively referred to as performance coaching) for professionals and executives as well as media celebrities and sports professionals.

With more than 20 years’ coaching experience, we provide a results orientated approach and where appropriate offer guaranteed outcomes.

Paul Burden Performance Coach

Paul Burden MSc

Performance Coach

About Paul Burden MSc - Performance Coach

With 20 years experience in coaching, Paul’s passion is assisting others to overcome setbacks, rise to the challenge and create success where it counts most.

His experience and passion for making a difference is underpinned by training with masters in the fields of coaching, psychology and personal development. He also draws on his personal experience of teaching and competing at top national level in martial arts and operating at board level of multi-national corporates.

If you'd like to speak with Paul directly about making the most of your potential, you can request an introduction below:

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FAQ - Leadership and Executive Coaching

Q: What’s the duration of an Executive Success Programme?

A: We will typically start with a short initial engagement to make quick progress over a number of weeks. During this time we can discuss your longer term objectives and what will work best for you. In urgent cases we might agree to accelerate the whole process. The pace and duration will depend on your circumstances and what will help you most.

Q: What sort of results can I expect?

A: Again it depends what you want to achieve. In the past programme objectives have ranged from stepping up to perform well in a new role, to becoming an industry leader on the world stage, getting prepared for presentations to the CEO of global corporations and making the leap to the next job. Other more specific examples include addressing performance anxiety, fears and other psychological issues with public speaking, negotiation, managing difficult situations, resolving patterns of frustration, anxiety and other stresses and regaining passion and enjoyment. Our Executive Success Programmes are results orientated and I will let you know if what you are asking for is to big or too small.

Q: I've been feeling stuck and been going around in circles. What's the best way to start coaching?

A: You might like to start with the self-paced online coaching programme called The Big Lever - How to Start Reaching Your Potential. As you go through the programme you can supplement it with 1-1 Coaching sessions if you wish. You can get access to the programme by clicking the above link now.

Q: I'm not sure if leadership and executive coaching is for me. How do I decide?

A: Firstly consider what you want to achieve from working with me. You don't have to have total clarity on this - in fact it's often one of the first things we talk through and make sure we have clear objectives. These objectives could be expressed as something you want to achieve, or something you want to avoid or be free of. Secondly, for any coaching to be effective you must be willing to talk about what you want to achieve and take action to make it happen. If you are okay with this then we will make good progress.

Q: What happens if I feel blocked or unable to deal with something that has happened in the past?

A: How we perform in the present isn't dependent on our past, but it is influenced by it. Our past experiences are held in psychological constructs that either support us in learning from them so we can deal with them with ease in the future, or in forms that prevent us processing them and learning from them. These constructs can be changed to accelerate learning and personal growth, so you can feel confident about dealing with them easily in the future. This can lead to tremendous performance gains in terms of both enjoyment and measureable results.

Q: I want to pull out all the stops and achieve big. Is this something PerformWell can help with?

A: Yes. Of course, achieving big means different things to different people. I love to see my clients achieve whatever matters most to them. During my time as a coach I have helped executives step up and develop the psychology needed to lead major organisations,  to transform the way they think and feel in the most demanding situations and re-discover the fun and enjoyment in their career. But it's not just about achievement at the top level. We all need a helping hand to get there. It's immensely satisfying to help professionals in the early stages of their career to confidently step up and set their sights on achieving big knowing they have a strategy and methodology to get there. I love to help and I get immense satisfaction from seeing people succeed where it matters most to them.

Q: I want to get a taste for your coaching before committing myself fully. Is this possible?

A: Yes. A quick and easy way to get a taste for it is with The BIG Lever - How to Start Reaching Your Potential self-paced online programme.

Q: Who do you NOT work with?

A: I love to help people who want to get on, are willing to do what it takes to get what they want and help others when they can. I don't work with those who make excuses and blame others for their performance. It my passion to see professionals who are ready to invest in creating their own success, take the leap, up their game and reach their potential.

Q: What is the price for an Executive Success Programme?

A: Prices depend on your circumstances and what's needed to help you make progress. Before getting started we can speak on the phone and talk through prices and what’s included.

Q: How Do I Get Started?

A: You can request an introduction to Paul Burden using the button below and arrange a time to speak. You’ll discuss where you are now and what you want to achieve. Together we’ll decide what’s appropriate for you and the best next steps:

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