Riding on the Crest of the Olympic Buzz

Everyone has been caught up with the success of Team GB over the last 3 weeks. The excitement, enthusiasm and passion of our athletes is matched by that of our support for them and the games as a whole. And have you noticed how this positivity has rubbed off on other areas of your life?
This occurs because our feelings are like filters through which we see the world. Rose tinted glasses if you will. But there’s more to it than that.
When observing people whilst they are in a particular mood or feeling,¬†you may have noticed we tend towards similar moods or feelings ourselves. Whether it’s a subtle change or if you really feel for them, we can’t not feel what they are feeling to some extent. So for example, every time we see our sporting heroes being totally motivated we cannot help but take on some of that motivation ourselves. There’s a well established technical reason for this, but what’s even more interesting is how we can practically benefit from this phenomenon.
When you experience positivity, you may notice you have greater motivation, flexibility and generally more resourcefulness. Its the connection to these resources that’s important. By keeping these resources and the feelings that go with them at the fore of our minds means we are able to apply that positive mindset to create more positivity in other contexts and that means even better results.
So as we head towards the Paraolympics how will you ride on the wave of positivity to create even better experience and results for you?
By Paul Burden – Performance Coach & Director at PerformWell
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