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  • Are you working harder than ever, but feel that you should be making a bigger impact?
  • Has the strain of attempting a healthy work/life balance reached a tipping point?
  •  Is there something holding you back from taking your business to the next level?

These are all to-common issues for high performing entrepreneurs, who know they can achieve even more at work and play. With your entrepreneurial spirit, you have the drive and ability to scale your business, even in these challenging times.

However, without defining or reaffirming your purpose, it is easy to suffer from overwhelm, lose focus and get caught up in the day-to-day issues at work.

You can be the entrepreneur you aspire to be, but first, you need to upgrade your mindset, overcome the barriers and stresses holding you back to create the business and lifestyle that you deserve. 

How our entrepreneur coaching services can help

As an ambitious entrepreneur, you want practical strategies that enable you to perform at your best and drive consistent business results. That’s why PerformWell’s founder and the UK's leading performance coach, Paul Burden, has designed a highly structured and results-driven coaching programme which outlines the practical steps you need to take to change your mindset and reach your goals.

PerformWell’s mindset coaching empowers you with the tools to find your purpose, explore what’s holding you back and move beyond this to transform your business and life.

PerformWell is the most sought-after entrepreneur coaching service because it offers:

  • A proven approach driven by results
  • The power of psychology translated into leadership performance
  • A collaborative relationship throughout your journey
  • Impactful coaching to become the entrepreneur you aspire to be
Are you ready to discover what you can achieve?

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Entrepreneur Success – Business Owner


Working with Paul has been transformational. In business we are seeing significant success due to Paul’s techniques and on a personal level I am living a much more balanced, fulfilling and enjoyable life.

“I feel I have clarity on what I want to achieve and a process to achieve my goals. I feel lucky to have worked with Paul in my early 30’s as I hope to have many years ahead of me to succeed in ever growing goals I set myself. Thanks Paul."

David Telford – Business Owner and Co Founder at Koan Ltd

Performance coach for entrepreneurs

PerformWell’s founder, Paul Burden is experienced in helping ambitious professionals reach their potential - from tech entrepreneurs to Olympians - to perform at their best. 

Find out more about why Paul is one of the UK’s leading performance coaches.

Paul Burden Entrepreneur Coaching Services

Are you capable of more?

You’ve made good progress on growing your business, but to take it to next level, it's time to work on your inner game – the entrepreneurial psychology that unlocks your potential.

That's where the Entrepreneur Performance Framework comes in.

Click below for a short video sharing the benefits of the framework.