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Racing pulse, sweaty palms, shallow breathing, clouded thinking, fear and even dread or panic. You just want a quick, easy and effective way to make the anxiety stop...

ā€‹Our Anxiety Treatment Clinic runs alongside other PerformWell services and provides treatment for anxiety (and related conditions) for professionals to overcome anxiety and related conditions. We provide a results orientated service and where appropriate offer guaranteed outcomes.

If you or someone you know is suffering from anxiety then read on for more information and steps to overcome anxiety symptoms.

Why Do I Suffer from Anxiety?

Anxiety can be a normal human response to a stress situation and serves to prompt the person to cope in difficult circumstances. For some people a little bit of anxiety is useful for getting into action or getting psyched up. 

However, the reality for most people is that the symptoms of anxiety impair enjoyment, performance and well being. There are better ways of getting prepared and ready for action. 

Studies show performance increases with anxiety to a peak performance level and then declines as anxiety increases beyond that. Where are you on this curve?

Performance Anxiety Curve

If you are over the peak your performance is impaired and it's likely that your enjoyment, relationships and even health may be suffering as well.

There are many types of anxiety - performance anxiety, competition anxiety, anxiety with depression, social anxiety phobia, OCD, PTSD, anxiety attacks, separation anxiety, stress anxiety, anxiety panic attacks and plain old over-thinking or worry to name just a few.

We get good at whatever we practice. No matter which type of anxiety, the more intense and the more often it is repeated the more easily your system will run the pattern. In some cases that can can lead to the anxiety generalising and creating a General Anxiety Disorder, where unwarranted anxiety is brought on by what would otherwise be normal every day events. So it's important to find an effective way to overcome your anxiety quickly to prevent it getting worse.

So How do I Overcome Anxiety?

There are many different treatments for anxiety. Some much more appropriate for professionals than others. In the UK, the NHS typically only offers medication or basic CBT / mindfulness exercises that can help reduce symptoms of anxiety. 

The limitation of those exercises is that they require you catch yourself feeling anxious and interrupt the thought patterns. The problem with methods of intervention based on noticing and interrupting your own thoughts is twofold:

  • 1
    It's not easy to control the way you think when anxiety has got a grip on you. That's kind of the point isn't it? 
  • 2
    Professionals typically need high productivity and to respond to what's happening in the moment in presentations and meetings, not stopping mid-flow to practice mindfulness. (Ommmmm... Can you imagine? It just isn't practical).

Medication can have it's own drawbacks, including dependency and dulling other important emotions necessary to give us motivation, direction and enjoyment in life. That said, if free is your primary criteria the NHS is the best place to start.  (Please note this website does not give medical advice. For medical advice please consult your doctor).

Expert Treatment for Anxiety

If you'd prefer to cut to the chase, PerformWell offers very effective treatment for professionals suffering from anxiety. The specific approach taken and most appropriate techniques depend on you and your situation. Typically it might include a combination of coaching, training and psychological based approaches.

One example might be to re-train your triggers for anxiety to instead trigger clarity, confidence, resourcefulness, or other more useful responses. 

PerformWell's treatment for anxiety is relatively quick, simple and very effective. Would clarity, confidence and resourcefulness be a better way forward for you?

Experienced Professional Service

Whether the challenge you want to overcome is long-term, acute or you just want to nip it in the bud, so you can be more confident and comfortable, our commitment is to help you get the result you want in the quickest and most effective way possible.

This private service is run by PerformWell's Performance Coach and Director, Paul Burden MSc. With more than 20 years in coaching, Paul has extensive experience of helping professionals with treatment for many types of anxiety and related conditions.

This experience ranges from helping the anxious professional with presenting, negotiating, selling and dealing with high pressure situations, through helping business leaders and athletes deal with crisis, and onto clinical conditions such as military personnel with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and more.

Additionally, Paul has had his own personal experience of dealing with anxiety, including social anxiety and the stress and anxiety of performing under pressure in high stakes corporate environments, speaking to audiences  of 1000+ people and competing at top national level in sport.

Paul provides one-one treatment for anxiety. You can take action in confidence knowing you're in expert hands. You can find out more about requesting an introductory call with Paul by clicking here.

Paul Burden MSc
Stress and Anxiety Specialist

What Our Clients Say:

Treatment for Anxiety Phil Muspratt Sports Performance

"I'd stopped believing in myself and started suffering from anxiety and depression which had a further knock on effect on my diet and sleep creating a vicious cycle.

I decided to do something about it and call Paul. Literally by the end of our first session any signs of anxiety and depression had disappeared and my motivation was back...

Phil Muspratt - World Record Holder

Carrie-Ellison-Treatment for anxiety

"I had been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks in most social situations since I was in my early teens (Iā€™m now 34).

I can honestly say that I feel transformed. The biggest change is in the anxiety, which I am relieved to say has been completely resolved. 

Never have I met such an encouraging and positive person...

ā€‹Carrie Ellison - Author and Designer

What Next?

Sometimes the challenge for anxiety sufferers is to feel comfortable enough to take action, so it can be resolved once and for all. Whatever you decide to do next, make it quick, simple and effective for you.

Paul offers a free introductory phone call for professionals who are ready to put anxiety behind them once and for all. This is offered only to professionals, who are looking for a high quality professional service, willing to invest in themselves and ready to start straight away with the right professional. During this intro call, we'll talk about what you want to achieve and how we can help.

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Paul Burden MSc 

Performance Coach & Anxiety Specialist

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