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Sports Success Programmes and Sport Psychology

The performance coaching practice of Paul Burden, PerformWell provides Sport Success Programmes for sports professionals and aspiring amateurs.

Our programmes use proven success strategies and leading edge performance psychology  to help you achieve your daily objectives in training, unlock your potentialperform under pressure at events, and achieve your sports career goals in balance with the rest of your life. 

Sport psychology is one of the three vital components needed to excel in competitive sports:

  • Technique (sport specific)
  • Physiology (strength, mobility, agility, flexibility, speed, etc) 
  • Psychology (mindset, confidence, self-belief, goals, decision making, motivation,  ....)

 Paul Burden MSc

 Performance Coach

& Director at PerformWell

About Paul Burden MSc - Performance Coach

With 20 years experience in coaching, Paul’s passion is assisting others to aim high, rise to the challenge, overcome setbacks and create success where it counts most.

His experience and passion for making a difference is underpinned by training with masters in the fields of coaching, performance psychology and personal development. He also draws on his personal experience of coaching and competing at top national level in martial arts and operating at board level of multi-national corporates.

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