Coaching for Performance - How Do You Get Started?

PerformWells' performance coaching programmes are available as self-paced online programmes, or one to one coaching packages (in person or Skype for international clients).

You can explore further and start making progress by clicking your preferred choice below:

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Strategies to Achieve More

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Freedom from Stress & Anxiety

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Self-Paced Online Coaching Programme

Start Reaching Your Potential in Sport and Business

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The online self-paced programme helping you to shake things up and start reaching your potential.

This performance coaching package, includes how to get clarity on where you are right now, where you really want to get to, how to discover what's holding you back, how to start making consistent progress and lots more...

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1-1 Coaching for Performance Packages

Sports Success Programmes

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Leading edge programmes helping you to achieve your goals and enjoy the game. 

To really succeed in sport you'll need to harness crucial internal resources such as vision, purpose, motivation, commitment and enjoyment to name a few. These mental and emotional resources determine how you perform in both training and competition, how you react and respond in the moment, your ability to bounce back from setbacks and reach the next level...

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Executive Success Programmes

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Success in business is usually defined by business metrics: revenue, expense control, profit, customer satisfaction and other business KPIs. For a business to survive let alone thrive these metrics are of the essence. That said, success as an individual within any business is about the quality of your experience.

These Programmes are about ensuring you are thriving within the business in terms that are most important to you.

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Personal Resilience Programmes

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If you are driven to achieve and set high standards, your ability to manage your emotions, keeping your mind clear from stress, anxiety and related conditions is crucial to performing well and enjoying life.

Most self-aware professionals will become aware of emotional patterns that hinder, rather than support their performance in terms of both enjoyment and results. 

Whether it's a stress or anxiety related condition or just something you want to nip in the bud, our Personal Resilience Programmes help professionals discover how to be free from unnecessary stress, anxiety and other unwanted emotional patterns.

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